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Got Data?

We are here for you. We can help corral your data. We build custom integration tools, web applications, and compliance implementations.

Dat4Pro, Inc.

We are DATA For Professionals

Ever had an idea but were not able to execute it? At Dat4Pro, Inc. we can help. We are a development shop with a strong focus on using Open Source technology and we love building digital properties.

We are here to help you with all your digital and data tools. Let Dat4Pro build solutions to manage your digital properties. We are expert at developing custom solutions that best matches your idea and your budget.

  • Web Application Development
  • Web Application Enhancements
  • API Integration
  • Tech Support
  • Compliance Implementation (Security/WCAG2.0/Technical SEO)

Our Services

24/7 Support

You have a problem. We have a problem. That simple.


You want to setup a store online. We have setup a few.


We build solutions tailored to your needs. That's our sauce!

Audits / Compliance

You need better security, meet ADA WCAG 2.0 compliance. We can help !

Web Applications

Need a new digital property developed or upgrade an existing one. We got that

API Integration

Your properties need enhancements and connect to 3rd party system. No problem.

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Dramatically improve what your data does for you!

Our Tools



The Fastest, easiest, in my book the best PHP framework. I have not come accross a project that Phalcon did not rock..



The most amazing CMS period. Built ofg the Yii 2 framework. This CMS allows the developer and designer so much freedom to build the best application..



The Largest, most widely used CMS out there on the internet. Huge community, thousands of plugins..



The most widely used Ecommerce platform used by wordpress. Has many extensions to the core platform, to allow many extended fucntionality..



This a library of themes and templates from which we can customize and build from..

Happy Clients
Wordpress Ecommerce

Data Made Simple with Dat4pro

Who is Dat4pro,Inc.

Latest Projects

LLTGroup - Retail

LLTGroup - Retail

Beautiful responsive HTML Template, ADA compliant and ready to be implemented into the client CMS.
BrownWood, Inc.

BrownWood, Inc.

Customized Importing system into ecommerce Wordpress multi site, API integration between Ecommerce and ERP.
Microsite Builder (Rebel Group)

Microsite Builder (Rebel Group)

Cusotm Microsite builder with encrypted data and files, WCAG 2.0 compliant , and touring system for how to use the application.
DWP Carpet Binding, LLC

DWP Carpet Binding, LLC

Rebuilt a website for DWP Carpet BInding,LLC. They needed repsonive system, with a estimate/quote system. For us at Dat4pro, inc, that was no problem.
Qualsys Inspection System

Qualsys Inspection System

Software built custom for Inpsections of manufatured parts. Secure, hosted remotely, great support
EF Research

EF Research

Migration of application within same hosting company. Setup git repository and deployment proces.
LLT Group  - Storage

LLT Group - Storage

I build out a new workflow, so that a update of a client order by field technician was possible. The app generates new invoice for client approval and payment. All this yet still PCI compliant.



a methodology to sync the SASS property element with the HTML DOM element 

LDAP Testing

Quick notes on testing the connection to LDAP (Active Directory) server

Installing LAMP on Ubuntu 16.04.01

Here are a few steps to get your LAMP stack up and running on Ubuntu 16.04

Great Customer Care

You have a problem. We have a problem.

Technology nerds

We love all technology, in particular software and web development.

Dedicated to You Winning

We are here to make sure you win in your digital endeavors.

Expert at Data

We can help you navigate the world of your Data, and how to integrate with all your systems.

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