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Microsite Builder (Rebel Group)


This project was a product built for the company The Pita Group, which recently was acquired, merged with Rebel Interactive Group.

The application was customized for one of their client. The main components of this application is custom microsite builder that can be created, authored , and managed by different level of access, by different users.

All user identifiable data, except username, is encrypted to guarantee even in a case of data breach that the user data would be secure. We also encrypted the documents that were uploaded to a specific site. So that hot linking to these private document would not work, and these documents coudl be kept confidential.

The system is built with WCAG Level AA for all the microsite, so when a author creates a microsite for their particular client, their micro site is accessible by screenreaders and other assistive technologies.

The backend system also has a touring system that allow new hire, and people that need quick refresher, to be able to click on any label or function of the application and get quick answer about its particular functionality.

Industries: Insurance Categories: Development ADA Compliance Software